UNICEF – Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge 2020 – Zimbabwe: our time, our turn and our future

Young people are experts in their own lives and experiences. They have the ideas and energy to create a better world for themselves – if only we give them the chance. We recognise that while talent is universal, opportunity is not.///CRIMSON TAZVINZWA..

UNICEF supports young people who have brilliant ideas but lack the resources to turn ideas into reality. These young innovators generate their own game-changing ideas and make positive contribution towards community needs.

The Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge, for instance encourages young innovators to design solutions to improve education, employment and civic engagement.

It inspires young people with brilliant ideas; but without key resources to bring them to reality. This includes young refugees, those who face daily discrimination due to their ethnicity, their gender or their disability and those who are disadvantaged by poverty.

generation unlimited
Harare, Zimbabwe – In a country where the average textbook- pupil ratio stands at 1:8 at O’level, four 23-year-olds balanced between gruelling final year university studies and launching a technology start-up that could solve Zimbabwe’s challenge of textbook scarcity and unaffordability. Team Amigo, as Simbarashe Duane Andre, Blessing-Mau Maunze, Brighton Mahatchi and Farayi Goronga, call themselves, entered the Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge with the assistance of UNICEF Zimbabwe partner, BOOST. They emerged as one of the 5 global winnerswho received $20,000 each in April 2019 from Generation Unlimited for developing an application that delivers learning materials to students at low cost.



Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge 2020 Application.

Click HERE to access the application guide and apply. This Application Guide will lead you through the process of applying to Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge!. If it seems like a lot, don’t worry—we promise it’s way, way easier (and shorter!) than it looks. In fact, all of the questions are designed to help your team submit the best possible application, and we’ll even give you some tips along the way. During the Workshop, we’ll work together to create solutions to challenges around education and training, employment, entrepreneurship, equity and engagement but the most important step in creating a successful solution is to get a good understanding of the problem. This Guide will lead you through identifying and analyzing a problem faced by you and your peers.

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