UNITED STATES – ’60 days of rage’: Washington DC insider predicts all out war before midterms now that Obama has gone after Trump

Carl Bernstein said with the combination of the New York Times anonymous op-ed written by a person claiming to be a “senior” member of the Trump administration and what was published in Bob Woodward’s new book, it can be concluded the people closed to President Trump are saying “we much save the country from the president of the United States.”

Former President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump (Composite / Rawstory)

Former President Barack Obama’s decision to directly criticize President Donald Trump will result in “60 days of rage” leading up to the 2018 midterm elections, Axios reported Saturday.

On Friday, Obama called out Trump by name for the first time since the leadership transition.

“The state of play: Republican lawmakers would love to talk about the growing economy. House Democrats have a high-minded closing argument, ‘For the People,’” Axios noted. “Good luck breaking through with either of those.”

Obama’s return to the campaign trial got into President Trump’s head and is worrying GOP strategists.

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