US Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer commends service personnel, condemns Iran attacks – says Americans don’t want a war; President Trump Has No Authority for one

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President Donald Trump and national security adviser John Bolton at the White House on April 9, 2018.
Susan Walsh, AP
Senator Schumer holds military service personnel with respect and honour; “We commend the bravery of our service members and personnel in harm’s way.
“And I condemn the attack by the Iranian government and remain concerned about the risk of a further escalation.
“Americans do not want a war with Iran. President Trump does not have the authority for one.”
On witnesses & documents, Republicans can run but can’t hide Democrats will force votes to put Republicans on record A trial without evidence is a farce If Senate Republicans vote to prevent witnesses and documents, Americans will see it as a cover-up

On POTUS speech,

: “He said Iran appears to be standing down. He noted the fact there were no casualties last night in the attack. Is that in fact the case. What if any proof does the White House have that there won’t be attacks through Iran’s proxies?” #AMRstaff

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100% there will be attacks. Trump got played by Iran. I don’t know if he knows it but his advisers do. That is why such a short speech. They somehow were able to get him under control for a few minutes but could not risk more.
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