US economy is humming. President Trump is tweeting. Meanwhile – Mueller is just about to knock on Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr’s doors – possibly on the president’s as well

The Economy Is Humming. Trump Is Tweeting. Republicans Are Worried. And it’s not looking pretty with mid-term poll on the horizon

AIWA! NO! ||CRIMSON TAZVINZWA||WASHINGTON —Under normal circumstances this would have been a walk in the park; focusing on human interest issues such as the booming economy and unemployment at its lowest rate ( 3.9%) – the Republican Party mid-term poll win would have been a foregone conclusion.  A given. But alas! It’s not to be because Trump’s tweets keep on ambushing and tripping on otherwise positive news i.e. rampant economic performance the country has seen in many years.The booming economy is no longer the magical political bullet for Republicans under Trump.

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United States Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey

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Series title:        (Seas) Unemployment Rate
Labor force status:  Unemployment rate
Type of data:        Percent or rate
Age:                 16 years and over
Data extracted on: September 16, 2018 (3:19:27 PM)

As Democrats enter the fall midterm campaign with palpable confidence about reclaiming the House and perhaps even the Senate, tensions are rising between the White House and congressional Republicans over who is to blame for political difficulties facing the party, with President Trump’s advisers pointing to the high number of G.O.P. retirements and lawmakers placing the blame squarely on the president’s divisive style.

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Trump tweets angry response after being called ‘deranged’ and ‘dotard’ by Kim Jong Un – ABC News

Yet Republican leaders do agree on one surprising element in the battle for Congress: They cannot rely on the booming economy to win over undecided voters. To the dismay of party leaders, the healthy economy and Mr. Trump have become countervailing forces. The decline in unemployment and soaring gross domestic product, along with the tax overhaul Republicans argue is fueling the growth, have been obscured by the president’s inflammatory moves on immigration, Vladimir V. Putin and other fronts, party leaders say.

These self-inflicted wounds since early summer have helped push Mr. Trump’s approval ratings below 40 percent and the fortunes of his party down with them.

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