Oopsy Daisy! North Korea’s nuclear site collapses



© FoxNews.com North Korea reportedly drops demand for withdrawal of US troops from South Korea in exchange for denuclearization; reaction and analysis from Gen. Jack Keane, Fox News senior strategic analyst and chairman of the Institute…

North Korea’s nuclear test site has collapsed after the region sustained damage from five nuclear blast trials, Chinese scientists said Wednesday — leading many to believe it may be the reason why Kim Jong Un suddenly announced the rogue regime would freeze its nuclear and missile tests.Reports surrounding Punggye-ri test site collapsing have been swirling for months after Kim ordered his scientists to conduct the regime’s sixth nuclear test last September. A research team led by Wen Lianxing, a geologist with the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, determined the collapse was from that blast, which tore a hole in Mount Mantap, South China Morning Post reported.But the damage could pose a bigger risk to the Hermit Kingdom’s neighbors. Residents in South Korea, China and Japan are at risk of radioactive exposure because the toxins could be exposed through the holes and cracks


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