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The beloved village of Gnomesville in Wellington Mill is experiencing what is now being known as The Great Gnomesville Flood of 2018

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Gnomesville is located within the Ferguson Valley approximately 2 hrs from Perth. You can find this hidden gem of a tourist spot at the roundabout at the intersection of Wellington Mill Road, Wellington Lowden road and Ferguson road (20km south-east of Dardanup)

Gnomesville started with a single gnome being placed near the roundabout in 1995 and has grown massively since then. There are all sorts of gnomes, including ones from sporting teams and social clubs, as well as ones placed as memorials. There are a lot of gnome based puns e.g. There’s gnome place like home and people have gotten very creative to where are how they’ve placed their gnomes. There are even some flying from the trees!

HYSTERIA DAY 2: The local shire says it will send a crew over this week to assess the damage. But alas, that means nothing to the drowned & displaced gnomes – it’s just a safety check for living and breathing tourists!

In 1995, officials wanted to build a roundabout in this area of the Ferguson Valley in Western Australia. Locals were not interested in seeing this wooded area paved over, but the roundabout was installed anyhow. In response, someone placed a garden gnome on the construction site – a form of guerilla art protest. Other small bearded, pointy-hatted fellows soon joined the original settler.

The newly arrived wee residents at least prevented further development in the area. For what manner of villain would destroy the forest home of a bunch of garden gnomes? Soon there were hundreds of gnome figurines in the area, and a roadside tourist attraction was created.

Visitors to Gnomesville are encouraged to bring a gnome to add to the population – as long as you write your gnome’s point of origin on a sign or on the gnome itself. More figurines are needed at the site as a flood in 2018 destroyed many of the statues in Gnomesville. So, if you decide to stop by, bring a small, ceramic friend with you to become the newest resident.

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