What Has The Head Of New York Prostitution Ring To Do With Mueller Investigation Into Russia Collusion?

by CRIMSON TAZVINZWA – Kristin Davis, notoriously known as the “Manhattan Madam,” testified before a grand jury during Paul Manafort’s criminal trial earlier today.

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Roger Stone to Use DNC Lawsuit to Examine DNC Servers, Solve ‘Hacking’ Mystery

Kristin Davis, 41, who was known for running a high-end prostitution ring in the 2000s, was questioned as part of a probe into Russian’s interference into the 2016 presidential election by the special counsel Robert Mueller, multiple media outlets reported.

Davis the “Manhattan Madam” has known Roger Stone for years; and often worked informally for him as his ‘personal assistant.’

Robert Mueller’s team brought Ms Davis to testify before the grand jury; which is interesting because she is not known to be a ‘policy-orientated’ person; however there is speculation that she may be able to shade some light on her ‘boss” communications habits that include things like emails, phone calls, meeting schedules and conversations.

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A move on Kristin Davis by the investigation shows that Mueller’s prosecutors  are still very much interested in Roger Stone; his goings in and out – it appears that they are slowly and methodically building a case against him. He has not heard from the special prosecutor  he confirms but has said publicly in the past that he has nothing to hide, and willing to appear before Mueller’s prosecution team at any time.

The Trump-Russia ties hiding in plain sight
The Trump – Russia ties hiding in plain sight

Kristin Davis’ story by itself is interesting in that this is someone who ran a prostitution ring; she went to jail because of a scandal involving the then New York Governor Eliot Spitzer who eventually resigned because of his involvement in the ‘prostitution ring service’. Nonetheless Davis has had a lot of interesting things going well for her – she ran for Governor in 2010. She worked alongside Roger Stone on one of her flagship platforms that pushed for the legalization of prostitution and marijuana although was not successful in her bid. In 2013 Davis was charged by federal prosecutors for peddling powerful painkillers and other prescription pills in exchange for Ecstasy and cash.

One weird thing about prosecutors’ questioning of other witnesses in this case touched on questions relating to Kristin’s son, for she has one; whether that child was fathered by Roger Stone?

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