What Is The Magna Carta? Why Is This Document Written In Latin So Important To How We Are Ruled, Equality & Diversity As Well AS Human Rights Today?

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Magna Carta weights Photo: CRIMSON TAZVINZWA

The Magna Carta – ‘Great Charter’ is a document in Latin that brought about a new social and political order of rule and governance relationship between the king and his subjects in Great Britain//BY CRIMSON TAZVINZWA

On 15th June 1215, 25 English barons and representatives of their rebel army met King John on the banks of the River Thames at Runnymede.

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Foodstuffs scale Photo Credit: CRIMSON TAZVINZWA, AIWA! NO!


There, the King sealed the charter to restrict the abuse of his royal power. One of the 25 ‘rebel’ barons, Saer de Quincy, owned considerable land and properties in Leicester.

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Why did the 13th century latin  document still important today?

This piece of parchment is said to have laid the  foundations of modern democracy and the individual freedoms we know and enjoy today. It therefore  has great symbolic importance and 2019 marks 804th anniversary.

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Measuring flaksks//Photo: CRIMSON TAZVINZWA; AIWA! NO!


What is the link between the Magna Carta and the weights and measures?

Magna Carta has 63 clauses. Clause 35 relates to the standardisation of weights and measures throughout the land.

There is to be one measure of wine throughout our kingdom, and one measure of ale, and one measure of corn, namely the quarter of London, and one breadth of dyed, russet and haberget cloths, that is, two ells within the borders; and let weights be dealt with as with measures; Magna Carta, Clause 35


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