White supremacist accused of fatal stabbing tells police he ‘wants to purge the earth of black people’

James Jackson accused of murdering man with sword2018-09-26 (14)

Toyin Owoseje @toyinreports//A white supremacist accused of killing a black homeless man on a New York City street told police he wanted to purge the earth of black people.

According to The New York PostJames Jackson revealed his motives for the alleged fatal stabbing of Timothy Caughman in a videotaped confession.

“I think we should just preserve the best people and get rid of all the dead weight,” the 30-year-old army veteran said. “In my opinion, blacks are inferior people.”

He added that black people “needed to be exterminated” and that he desired to open a dialogue about the evils of race mixing between the governments of the “white countries”.

Recalling the murder following his arrest on 20 March 2017, he complained that he had not expected it to be so hard to subdue his victim before plunging the sword into his chest.

“I thought it would be a lot easier,” he said, “It was a lot harder. It was weird. I didn’t feel great. I didn’t feel horrible either. I thought it [the murder] would send me into a blood rage fury.”

Authorities believe that Jackson travelled from Baltimore to New York with the intention to kill as many black man as possible. Het admitted to stalking as many as 15 people after killing Mr Caughman.

Even after he discarded the damaged sword in a rubbish bin in Washington Square Park, he still had two knives on his person and wondered the streets looking for his next victim.

After the slaying, he become obsessed with mix raced couples. “It just seemed like I was seeing interracial couples everywhere. It was really demoralising me,” Jackson said. “This is the new way and we can’t restore what we had 50 years ago.”

He handed himself in to police the following day and has pleaded not guilty to murder as a hate crime.

Mr Jackson lawyers said it was clear he had “psychological issues”.


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