Why Labour Position on Brexit And General Election Is Not Confused

Sections of the British media are presenting the Labour policy towards Brexit as confused and complicated///BY RANDHIR BASI VIA LINKEDIN


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Britons are less certain about Labour’s policy than the Conservative’s on all issues except the NHS
YouGov’s latest polling shows that 70% of Britons see Brexit as the most important issue facing the country. Given this, it’s vital that parties make their policy crystal clear approaching the general election. But have they?


Labour has not always been clear about what it’s position on Brexit would be if elected in a General Election. Now that they have set it out, it has proved to confuse several people.

It actually is not according to RANDHIR BASI;

  1. Labour are simply saying that the General Elecion should not be about Brexit, as it should be about the kind of policies people want from government for the next 5 years.
  2. The people should be allowed to confirm if they still want to leave the EU or if they want to remain.
  3. If Labour forms a majority government, there will be a confirmatory referendum on Brexit with a remain option, this time it would be given Binding status.
  4. General Election issues should be separated from Brexit as voters who support the same party have different views on Brexit.

Randhir, I concur with you all the way to the skys. Thinking about it; people say: “The referendum was never explained to us.” Never thought for e.g.; we would need to renegotiate new ways of doing business with E.U., and rest of the world at the same time. And that it would take upwards of 4 years and still counting till we enjoy the frankenstein monster of ‘phenomenon’ called Brexit. No major new domestic policies; and UK’s influence on geopolitical stage almost coming to ZERO. Nobodoy wants to listen to someone about global affairs when they cannot put their own small hut in order///CRIMSON TAZVINZWA

That’s pretty hilarious that the issue of Brexit should be separated from General Election issues. Brexit is precisely why the election has been called by the Conservatives – LEON PACZYNSKY


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