Why women are leaving trading in finance

Despite banks’ recent efforts to promote gender equality, women are leaving the trading floor and make up as little as 11% of director and managing-director roles in finance, according to one study. What’s behind the gap? The daily grind may be preventing some women from climbing the ranks, according to a Bloomberg report, with female trading professionals telling the news outlet that constant interruptions when they speak at meetings, getting paid less than their male colleagues and working without female role models has been taking it’s toll.

By Crimson Tazvinzwa

Riva Gold 
Riva Gold, News Editor at LinkedIn
This has been an issue in finance for a long time — when I was covering markets, it was rare to find women in trading to talk to across regions and institutions, let alone one who was overseeing broader trading operations. Interviews featured in this Bloomberg article suggest that unfortunately, despite major efforts to improve gender balance at banks, not much has happened for women in trading, especially not in senior positions. Do you see the landscape starting to change?
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Women Desert Trading Floors as Bias Blocks Path to Management

Rhona Gibson  says it is a few steps forward, a few steps back on certain trading floors. “Banks are trying to hire and promote women, and several pointed to specific programs and goals. But upper levels of management don’t show it. None of the top 10 investment banks has a woman running global currencies trading, according to information provided by the banks. [Camilla] Sutton and Catherine Flax, the former Americas head of foreign exchange and commodities at BNP Paribas, were among women highlighted in a Bloomberg story three years ago on the rise of female currency traders. Both have since left the industry.”

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