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Now that she’s faced with the smokey barrel of Twitter outrage, Tess Thompson Talley has come up with quite the defense tactic: blaming the backlash on the fact that she’s a woman.

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AfricLand Post called the hunter a “white american savage who is partly a neanderthal” in the June 16 post, which showed photos of her kneeling and triumphantly pointing towards the sky in front of the animal she killed on a June 2017 hunting trip.

The outlet shared:

While it’s unclear what percent neanderthal Thompson Talley really is, plenty of responders were ready to pounce on the targeted predator for participating in South Africa’s most popular tourism activity.

AKA animal murder.

But the hunter isn’t here for it. Not only did she defend the kill in a statement to Today, calling the activity “conservation through game management,” she claimed she was only getting so much heat because of her gender.

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Arguing that hating on her was counter-productive to the female empowerment movement, Thompson Talley explained:

“For all the people wishing death or even threatening death to me, this does nothing positive for your ‘movement,’ it only shows the world how lopsided your priorities are. The very same picture could have been posted, and are posted daily, of men with their trophies and not a word is said.”

We’re sure the dude who killed Cecil The Lion or trophy boy Don Trump Jr. would say otherwise… but sure, OK.

She continued:

“It is by far women that hunt who catch more grief from the ‘tolerant’ and ‘all loving’ animal rights activists. It’s sickening to the majority of people how women are treated all over the world, except in the case of women hunters. You people call yourselves compassionate and caring, yet some of the most vile things have been directed at me and many other women hunters.”

Hold on a second. We have never seen any evidence of women treated worse for this. We’ve certainly never heard anyone throw any sexist language a hunter’s way — maybe she misheard everyone screaming the word “butcher”?

Anyway, moving forward, let’s all just make doubly sure women hunters are treated with the same disgust and outrage as their male counterparts.

Oh, they already are? Great, looks like we’re done here.

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