YouGov snap poll finds viewers split on who won ITV general election debate


Viewers split on who won ITV general election debate held Tuesday, 19 November 2019///BY CRIMSON TAZVINZWA

A snap YouGov survey of 1,646 viewers conducted immediately after the debate shows a close split, with 51% of viewers saying that Boris Johnson performed best, once “don’t know” responses were removed, and 49% backing Jeremy Corbyn.

Most viewers think both leaders performed well, with two thirds (67%) saying so of Corbyn and almost six in ten saying likewise of Johnson (59%).

Looking at how viewers voted in 2017 shows, unsurprisingly, that Conservative voters are more likely to back Boris (88%) and Labour voters much more likely to think Corbyn did well (86%).

Nevertheless, almost half of 2017 Tory voters (48%) think the Labour leader did well, and one third (33%) of those who opted for Corbyn’s party at the last election think the Prime Minister made a decent show of it.

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