ZIMBABWE: “Finding Our Voices” – And Then Using Them for Good Effect – Catherine Buckle


The ‘last kicks of a dying horse’ is arguably the best and only qualifying description of the numbered days in the life of Mugabe’s larger than life, oversized regime – personified from inception to adulthood by protests, demonstrations and defiance; consenqently met by tear gas, baton sticks and the brutal police force aka militia- abductions perps who brought families and communities asunder – and shocked the global family of humans – during all that time///CRIMSON TAZVINZWA

FIND VOICES.jpgCathy Buckle’s ‘Finding Our Voices’ is a story of Mugabe’s grip on power for a ‘millenia’ – call it that;  ending in a military-style take-over of governance instigated by none-other-than the once-blue-eyed-boy; the chosen one – Emmerson Mnangagwa- within that circle – or the son he, Mr Mugabe had never had the opportunity to sire and look after, and the unceremonious pensioneering of the strongman himself.

My new book “Finding our Voices” is hot off the Zimbabwean press and will make its first public appearance on Sat 8 Nov at the Maasdorp market in Belgravia, Harare between 9am and 12.
International orders www.lulu.com/spotlight/CathyBuckle2018///CATHY BUCKLE

Oh My God!  That time! 2013 – 2017 forever shall be memorialised as coming of age – weaning; for  the majority of  Zimbabweans, in which they found and finally were capable of manipulating their voices for a good cause, learned the power of hope, patience and persistence, and finally came together in humongous numbers – and in unison – said “Enough is Enough.”

And that was it. He was gone in a flash.

‘Finding Our Voices’ – the dawn – is Catherine Buckle’s fourth book in a series describing the imapct of Zimbabwean politics on real Zimbabwean people.

‘Finding Our Voices’ – the dawn is Catherine Buckle’s fourth book in a series describing the effect of Zimbabwean politics on people’s lives.
  1. Can you Hear the Drums’ covers 2000 to 2004.
  2. Millions, Billions, Trillions’ covers 2005 to 2009.
  3. ‘When Winners are Losers’ covers 2009 to 2013 and
  4. ‘Finding Our Voices’ concludes as Mugabe government is booted out of power after more than 3 decades  of iron-rule and dictatorship.

Good reads for historians, researchers and political scientists – plus all those others who care about democracy.

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