Zimbabwe is confronting its past head-on. We are ready to embrace the world – SB Moyo


Zimbabwe Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Lieutenant-General Sibusiso Moyo


Zimbabwe’s challenges emanate partly from the struggle that all countries, particularly those as young as we are, must go through as they seek to interpret and make sense of their history.Zimbabwe is confronting its past head-on. We are ready to embrace the world.
We can only do so by confronting the past head-on. Contested and painful as it is, our history cannot be changed. We can only learn from it. Most importantly, we need to unlearn the wrong things that we learned in the past.
It is precisely because we are keen to do this that we want to establish relations of friendship, equality and mutual respect, even with those with whom our past relations have been fractious. Our national ethos impels us to seek full readmission into the Commonwealth, whose amity, values and ethics we share, and to reclaim our place in the international community to which we rightly belong

We are aware of not only our international commitments, but also our obligations to our own people. Our government has undertaken to ensure that the Zimbabwe electoral commission will conduct free, fair, non-violent and credible elections, and that the outcome fully respects the will of the people. The political parties that will contest the election are also discussing draft amendments to the electoral laws.

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