Zimbabwe’s Political Dialogue: The Final Solution

Andy Hodges and Blessing Munatsi as they host a panel from politics and civil society, to discuss Zimbabwe’s political dialogue. Will there be a final solution to Zimbabwe’s problems?

Victoria Mujati–I am sick of hearing all these so called church leaders who are preaching about dialogue, I would suggest that before that dialogue Mnangagwa must step down then we as a country can move forward. You can hold so many of these so called platforms and lie to the nation.You can not insist on having a union between Zanu Pf and MDC that is not the solution the country needs.All I can say if you are a church leader and taking money from zanu pf you are part of the problem, if you are in the police and the army, you are part of the problem, why you killed people first and threaten their lives if the exercise their constitutional right. For the past 39 years zanu pf has been looting all the resources for themselves. Zanu pf needs to be taken to the ICC for defrauding the people of zimbabwe. Mnagwagwa did not win and he ignored the recommendations made by the EU as well as his own fake commission he appointed.He was handed the presidency by his judges in the constitutional court disregarding the constitution.

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